Marks Deathwatch

A deeper mystery

The kill team sent Precia, the assassin, to scout ahead and attempt to discover where the Eldar were going. Despite her abilities she was blocked by several safety features meant for the miners.

The kill team instead began to plan their assault on the fortified webway position. At this point Watch Commander Caladine informed the team that there was a circuit nexus near by that could be overloaded. Techmarine Novas was sent to sabotage the nexus.

To replace Novas in the fight, the teleportation homer was used to bring in Battle-Brother Aldrec, a devastator marine armed with a multi-melta.

As Brother Novas started to set off the overload, an Eldar trooper noticed the effect and rushed to flip the breaker switches that would prevent the overload from damaging the equipment. His efforts were brought short by a well placed shot to the head from Vindicare Precia. At this moment one of the Eldar witches near the portal said “Farseer, this is the moment foreseen. Flee now!” and the other witch stepped back through the webway to destinations unknown.

As the Edlar turned to take cover and discover who had fired on them the main energy circuits overloaded causing a massive discharge. The explosion killed several nearby Eldar, and the resulting EMP effect destroyed one of the Falcon grav-tanks outright, and overloaded the two hardwired turrets. Into this disarray charged Sgt. Halfner and Librarian Tiberius even as Brother Aldrec was unleashing a melta-charge into the side of the remaining Falcon. The Emperor was with the team as both the melta-charge and the frag grenade thrown by Sgt. Halfner landed true. Unfortunately, despite being wounded from a well placed shot from Precia, the remaining witch was able to shield herself and the warp spider team from the holy furry of Librarian Tiberius’s smite.

Having managed to take cover behind one of the fallen Falcon tanks due to the distraction provided by Librarian Tiberius, Sgt. Halfner charged the witch from behind when she took cover to avoid incoming fire. With one swift blow he rent his chain blade through the witch ending her heretical participation in the battle.

While Brother Adlrec and Precia dispatched the rest of the Eldar infantry, Halfner and Tiberius charged the warp spiders taking damage from their piercing hail of shuriken fire. Warp spiders are deadly opponents, but were unable to withstand the combined might of the teams melee skills, and Precia’s uncanny ability to fire precisely even into melee.

At the conclusion of the battle Brother Novas reported in over a secure vox channel that the explosion had triggered another safety mechanism. This time a large metal door had closed preventing him from rejoining the team. In perusing a way around the obstruction he found his way back to the surface where the Emperor once again graced his chosen warriors with the ability to inflict great harm on his enemies. Novas found himself in the main power control room, and was able to quickly determine that the Halo shields protecting the Eldar emplacements were drawing from this source. After disabling the 3 of the 4 shields Eldar began to poor into the room forcing Brother Novas to retreat out into a shuttle hanger. Outnumbered, and with his objective completed enough to expose the enemy, Novas commandeered one of the service shuttles and returned to the Odium of Man.

Meanwhile down below the kill team perused the Eldar down the side passage they were using to move lower into the facility. Dispatching the rear guard with ease they came to a large underground cavern. Sending Precia forward to scout they found a large Eldar force arrayed around a gleaming black pyramid in a cavern obviously not natural, and not of human construction. The Eldar attempted several times to fire on the pyramid, but were unable to inflict damage. Any that approached with the intent of setting charges where destroyed by green energy discharges from the top of the structure.

The Eldar made preparations to destroy the pyramid by setting several Falcon tank engines to critically overload in a makeshift nuke. The bulk of the Eldar force prepared to retreat out of the blast zone down the tunnel through which they had come. Sgt. Halfner made the decision that the Eldar, and the mysterious structure, should share the same fate. The team used the last melta-bomb to collapse the tunnel. To ensure the rubble couldn’t be cleared easily Brother Aldrec fused the stone with the multi-melta set on low power.

With no time to make a conventional retreat the team used the last of the remaining power on the teleportaion homer to make good their escape and return to the Odium of Man.


In our first session characters were created and introduced to the Deathwatch. The learned their first assignment would be in the Banath system to help the limited forces there deal with a minor Eldar Raid.


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