Watch Commander Caladine

The watch commander aboard the Strike Cruiser "Odium of Man"


Watch Commander Caladine is young to have been elevated so high. His post aboard the strike cruiser “Odium of Man” is only his second tour in the Deathwatch.

He prefers to allow his kill teams to design their own solution to the missions as presented, as it allows him to learn quickly when he can and can’t trust their judgment.

Having been seconded from the Ultra-marines Caladine frowns on solutions that deviate too far from Codex, but understands and allows that different chapters have different modes of operation and that all are holy warriors of the same Emperor.

Until recently this watch station has had little activity but has now become involved in an Eldar raid on the Banath system. So far, the incursion appears minor and well withing the stations resources to handle.


Watch Commander Caladine

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