Battle Brother Halfnir


Deathwatch Assault Marine, Rank 1
Space Wolves Chapter

Personal Demeanor: Hot Blooded
Chapter Demeaner: The Sons of Russ

Halfnir, of course, has the hulking physique typical of a space marine. His hair and
beard are long and black. He is young for a space marine, and his canines have only begun
to show the unusual length that is characteristic of the Space Wolves’ gene-seed.

Halfnir, as well as two other Battle-Brothers from his pack, showed unusual aptitude for
tactics and close combat. With those three leading them, his pack distinguished itself,
and they were promoted to the Grey Hunters sooner than most. Halfnir was fascinated by
the massive wolves of Fenris. He successfully hunted and slew one, and then, more
impressively yet, tamed one, and it ran and fought along with his pack afterwards. All
the omens pointed to great things for the pack.

All that ended abruptly when the pack was stumbled upon by an entire Dark Eldar raiding
party. They fought savagely, but Halfnir’s entire pack was slain, his wolf friend
included. Halfnir himself was captured; he was incapacitated when a wrecked grav-bike
crashed on top of him. He was taken to another world and made to fight in their
gladitorial arenas, and was only too glad to kill the aliens they put in front of him. He
eventually escaped, killing two of the Dark Eldar with his bare hands. He evaded his
pursuers until they left world, and then survived in the forest until a year and a half
later, when an Imperial Guard ship landed in the area. His power armor was lost to the
Dark Eldar, much to his shame.

Since he had learned much of the Dark Eldar, and also had extensive experience battling
orcs, plus the xenos he faced in the arena, a Wolf Priest suggested that he be seconded
to the Deathwatch. (This also answered the question of how to field him in battle – the
Space Wolves rarely re-sort packs, effectively making Halfnir an outsider.)
Halfnir has led Kill-Team Cadmus on both of its first two deployments. He is greatly
pleased to have brothers to fight alongside once more, but he misses the boisterous
camraderie of the Space Wolves. He hopes to distinguish himself enough in the Deathwatch,
that when he returns to his chapter, he will be asked to join the Wolf Guard, and be a
lone wolf no more.

Battle Brother Halfnir

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